Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's the difference between a joke and a lie?

Has anyone ever had you believe something that was not true for an extended period of time, then to say once you confront them about it ... "it was a joke".

That's not a joke, that's what you call a LIE.

To me ... a joke is meant to be shared and enjoyed at the time it is made (except for those slow people who get it a few hours later). (ex "What did the hand say to the face? SMACK!")

Conversely ... a lie is stating something opposite to or in direct contradiction to the truth.

I know I've been guilt of saying the most random ridiculous things and to help the audience feel less offensive, break the tension with a "just joking". But that's completely different.

Ex. "I want to have a threesome with you and your sister."
"Just joking"


Ex. "I think I might have given you something, you should go to the doctor right away and get checked out, because I'm on my way now ... I'm so sorry"
"Damn! Ok thanks for the heads up."
(Week or 2 later)
"Did you get checked out? haha ..."
"Yeah I did, whats so funny?"
"Hahaha ... I was only joking."
-not funny-

Heads up to all lying jokers. The next person who tells a joke lie to me ... I'm going to calmly raise my hand from my side, if in that time you don't realize what is happening, I'm sure you soon will.

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