Friday, November 20, 2009

Another end of the world movie?!?!

In recent memory I question why are there so many movies about the end of the world?

Don't believe me ... think about it ... Armageddon, Independence Day, Day After Tomorrow, I am Legend and most recently 2012.

I think it's in order to instill fear in society and create greater dependencies on the system. Whoa, I know, some of you may think I'm reaching a little bit but think about it. Whenever you or someone has seen one of these movies leaves the theatre you can't help but wonder or think, "What if that really did happen?", "What if the world ended in 2012?". (SEE, now they have you thinking from a fearful perspective).

BUT, what I really think it's about especially in times like these, movies of this type are meant to ignite or spark the economy. If you are faced with you own mortality, most people are encouraged, motivated or eager to live what remaining life you have to the fullest. Buying that thing you always wanted, taking that trip you've been putting off, investing in something you always dream about.

So maybe these movies are a good thing, for the economy and overall morale. Maybe all movies should be about the potential destruction, demise, or obliteration of the Earth.

I still don't think so, but that's me ... what do you think?

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