Friday, December 18, 2009

Here's a playlist for you!

Amidst the talk about the white, the self proclaimed "Snowman" is also a motivational speaker, giving you some real talk and words of a true hustler.

1) "Hustlaz Ambition"

"Might not just be the best just know I plan to be I refuse to let suckers win but that's just the man in me look it could be the G in me these n***** ain't seein me unless they see me in traffic in somethin topless and drasticsI say I grind like there's 10 of me I swear to God there's just one of me look I know I ain't there yet Just know that I'm gonna be I could'nt wait to see the day I could change where my momma stay... I put the B.S. BEHIND ME... THERES TOO MUCH MONEY IN FRONT OF ME... "

2)"I Keep Tellin' Myself"

"Look him dead in his eyes told him n**** let's get it And the homie in the mirror said, 'n**** I'm wit it' You want it done right, you gotta do it yourself That's what I keep tellin' myself(I keep tellin' myself)I'ma keep it real til my very last breath That's what I keep tellin' myself(I keep tellin' myself)That's why I stay on my grind cause it's all about the wealthThat's what I keep tellin' myself(I keep tellin' myself)"

3) "Black Dreams"
"Say you want this money n**** so what da hell is stoppin ya.

Nothing in ya way, so what the hell is blockin ya Can't be worried bout dem haters homie got to shake them off of ya"

4) "Let's Get It / Sky's The Limit"
"The world is yours and everything in itit's out there get on your grind and get it "ay"Hands in the air, "sky's the limit n****" hands in the air"

5)"Thug motivation"
"If you can stack a grand you can stack Ten dawg By any means necessary, just win dawg You still staying with your momma what you kidding me You apart of a billion dollar industry Just think about it, you better do the math Quit playing with it pimpin, you better do the math Young n**** get content with a pair of Jordan’s Me I’m trying to stack my bread up like Jordan"

6)"The inspiration"
"They say your pass is your present and your present is your cash So I look forward to the future"

7) "Circulate"
"Sitting here staring at this empty safe Like what the f*** im gonna do with all this empty space Got me looking at my bills, like this aint my place You know i never stop the partyBut that aint my place And im never giving up, that aint my place If it was my case, Then i plee the 5th But the way im feeling now, might drink me a fifth"

8)"Soul Survivor"
"(Let's Get It) No nuts, no glory (no glory)My biography, you damn right, the true story (Yeah) Set the city on fire, and I didn't even try (try)Run these streets all day, I can sleep when I die "

9) "You know what it is"
"I sleep when I'm gone, yeah I'm tryna get to it It's like a Nike campagne the way ya' boy just do it Aye!, the paper keeps coming yeah, it flows like fluid Get a 50 pack and we run right through it"

10) "Say I"
"My nephew getting grown and starting to talk Now my mom's got sick and she can't walk No high school diploma But I know mathAin't write one song and she still want half Dead beat dad is what the media say Best father in the world is what my son will sayb Won't stop til you roll, that's what his mom's going to say But hey That's the type of game you play The media talk so bad about me The streets doing so bad without me Can't band the snowman This is thug motivation is just part of the program The first day of class and all you gotta do is stack cash to pass"

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