Monday, December 7, 2009

The Office Christmas Party

I wish I went so I could give you all my informed opinion about this yearly ritual but I couldn't bring myself to do it. At least I can give you my honest take, as I always do.

For some reason the idea of schmoozing with my co-workers, who for the most part share nothing more in common than work, doesn't appeal to me. Trying to talk about everything else but for some reason the conversation always coming back to work.

Guy:"Thats a nice tattoo you have on your inner thigh, can I see it?"
Girl :"Oh, it's a cherry blossom tree. It runs up my thigh and around my pelvus ... Do you know what I hate, how Todd in IT is always tattooing the walls of our cubicles with "How to's" and "Frequently Asked Questions."


Pissing and moaning about one character or another, gossiping about office hookups or crushes, or everyone getting drunk and disorderly under the guise of having a "good time". It all seems very rehearsed to me.

Girl #1: "I hate how Molly is always trying to talk to George. Doesn't she know that's MY work husband? B!tC&!!"
Girl #2: "Eff Molly and Eff George ... literally ... hahaha ... now let's get some shots."
Girl #1: "Wooooo!!! ... shots shot shots"

Me: "WHAT?!?!?"

Why do people feel obligated to be friends with their coworkers? They must genuinely enjoy this persons company and convesation. They likely find that they do not spend nearly enough time together at work and that they'd love to extend their interaction after hours.

Don't get me wrong I'm not in opposition to people being friends with their coworkers, hanging out after work or even having a relationship with their secretary, boss or cleaning lady. I just wonder if it can be considered a real friendship. Would it still exist if either of or both of you no longer worked there?

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