Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Thought Tuesdays pt.2

In reference to " That Guy's" post I must admit I do have some Random Thoughts myself which have been dying to come out. Here goes nothing:

- These pretzels are making me thirsty

-Do what you feel and Never follow

- So what you are making some money now and you think you are more of a man than me ?

- I like big butts and I can't deny

- So what's up with Racism these days ? Can't you be black and successful or is that still a crime ?

- Chinese women have nice legs

- I wish I could fuck every girl in the world

- Really your just gonna wear your pants that.... tight ?

- Why is it so hard to have your own business in Canada

- Does Bank's really hold onto your money and if so why can't I have all of it right now

-What's with everyone and their cellphones nowadays

-Mariah Carey would get pounded harder than two 15's in a speakerbox in a Cadillac Truck

-Does anyone really listen to Star from Star and Buckwild, he is funny as hell

-Okay really, when did dressing like an 90's rockstar become cool

-Reading is fundamental, everyone should read more

- Dancing with the stars is a show for black runner ups. Black people are definitely not winning that contest.

- Filapina women are so pretty I just wish they had asses.

-Black men can have one women (per day)

-Toronto Raptors are like having unfulfilling sex. Fucking frustrating.

- War huh....what is it good for absolutely nothing.

- I am the man. PERIOD!!!

- Cocaine is a hell of a drug and it is getting cheaper.

-50 cent is a powerful businessman

-Bow Wow put your shirt back on, buddy you are not muscular

-Janet Jackson needs to get married, have a legitimate kid and stop singing

- Who the fuck dresses Reggie Evans ?

- I love my wife...Marriage is the shit

-Pregnancy is the new Gay

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