Thursday, July 9, 2009

Embrace your inner crazy ... but don't indulge in it.

I have this long standing belief that every girl is crazy and that when searching for a mate, it's about finding one who's "crazy" you can live with.

(Note: I only refer to girls being "crazy" because I'm a male, I'm sure woman refer to men being "crazy as well, as shit they're probably just as bad, if not worst)

That being said, lately I seem to meeting the craziest of the crazies that this planet has to offer. People who have convinced themselves that we're destined to be together for all eternity and are desperately trying to convince me of the same. (Sorry madame, I'm not buying it.) There are others who after a few weeks hanging out occasionally or catching a movie, that this is an admission of love or commitment. I can't help but question how. Then there are others who would like you to pursue them and court them and get the heck out of here. You haven't even presented or established yourself as a catch, but you want me to chase and hunt you like a prized peice of meat or trophy fish? Not going to tell you it's not going to happen, but it's not likely. If you are coming off as high maintenance and we haven't even gone out yet, things are not off to a very good start.

Some of your are thinking, "Well ... it's probably because you lead these girls on and then break their hearts." Let me start by first asking ... "what does that mean?", can an adult of sound mind and body be "lead on" or encouraged to do something they know is wrong or at least not right for them? I don't practice hypnosis or cult like brain-washing practices, I swear but to meet these girls you might call me a liar.

I know some may not like what I've just said, or question what's wrong with what these people are doing, hear me out. I love woman! My ideal woman is the well kept librarian, who once she whips off her glasses and puts her hair up can play football or basketball with me or go from the ballroom to the couch without missing a beat. Someone who despite her beauty and put together appearance, pulls it all off effortlessly.
Maybe this woman of my dreams exists and maybe she does not and I should just settle for the least crazy of the crazies. (And I'll buy that shirt and wear on my first dates.)

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