Friday, July 10, 2009


They're all the rage, now more than ever.

While the art of tattooing has been practiced for hundreds of years, its seems to have gained in popularity over the last hmm ... 10 years. An art, a passion, a form of expression that was once reserved for the sailors, truckers, badass bikers, and jail inmates, has been embraced and practiced by the housewives, school teachers and anybodies of the world.

This is not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion, because it has forced the world to be more accepting and open minded to looking beyond peoples appearances and to maybe avoid "judging the book" by its cover alone. Especially when you think to yourself, "my grandmother has a tattoo and she's a nice ol' lady". You should then be more open to your daughter's boyfriend T-Bone who has his arms covered and neck adorned with symbols of this ancient Japanese art form. (learn the history here

I used to plan and design the tattoos that I wanted but was never pushed to get any as none of them meant enough to me. When I'm out at parties, the mall, the park, the gym, I see that everyone has a tattoo ... and unlike before when it used to be the other way around, I stand out as my arms, back, neck and face are naked and plain in comparison. Thing is ... I kind of like it! In 10-20 years time, I know that everyone will have a tattoo or 2 or 20 ... and I'll be one of the few elite, clean bodied people out there.

Unless I cave and get my motivation psalm on one wrist and a humble reminder on my other.

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