Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ladies If You Wear Sandals Please Do Your Toenails

Here is what we are striving for ladies....

I am tired of seeing women at work, on the TTC, in the mall or parading around the streets of Toronto with chipped toenails or razors for toenails. This is not a good look (Trust Me). Long gone are the days where women have to cover up their bodies as a sign of societal respect, that went out the western world window a long time ago.

Since it is Summer now in the city ladies please if you can't afford to have them done at your local asian nail shop, do them yourself or wear closed toe shoes.

Save me the trouble of gagging or having to spend the rest of my ride on the bus or train looking up at the ceiling and thinking of something to get my mind of your jagged edge toes. I mean please it looks like you open bear bottles with your toe nails for a living.....yuuuccccccckkkk.

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