Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Motivational Lyrics

Artist: Jackson 5 - We're Almost There
"No matter how hard
The task may seem
Don't give up our plans
Don't give up our dreams
No broken bridges
Can turn us around
Cause what we're searchin' for
Will soon be found
Cause we're almost there"

Artist: Wretch 32 - Remember The Titan
"Have you ever been tired, or ever got fired
But just had the strength to keep on going
You never be tired, but just have the strength to keep on going
If your bloods still flowing, just keep on going
You never retire, I know it hard but you don’t quit"

Artist: Eminem - 8 Mile Road
"I'm a man I'ma make a new plan
Time for me to stand up and travel new land
Time for me to just to take matters into my own hands
Once I'm over these tracks man
I'ma never look back(8 Mile Rd.)And I'm gone
I don't like where I'm goin Sorry mama I've grown
I must travel alone
Ain't no followin no footsteps I'm makin my own
Only way I know how to escape from this 8 Mile Rd."

Artist : Rick James - Hollywood
"Mama, sit down for me please
Daddy, comfort her in this time of need
Your one and only son has got to get away
Before this ghetto life becomes the death of me
Goodbye Mama, Goodbye Papa
I'm going to do good in Hollywood"

Artist: Michael Jackson - Keep The Faith
"Go For What You Want
Don't Let 'Em Get In Your WayYou Can Be A Winner
If You Keep The Faith
Straighten Out Yourself
And Get Your Mind On Track
Dust Off Your Butt
And Get Your Self-Respect Back"

Artist : Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground
"People keep on learning
Soldiers keep on warring
World keep on turning
Because it won't be too long"

Artist: Lil Wayne - Tie My Hands
"Cause I came from the projects straight to success and you're next
So try they can't steal your pride it's inside
Then find it and keep on grinding'
Cause in every dark cloud there's a silver liningI know..."

Artist: Jimmy Cliff - You Can Get It If You Really Want
"You can get it if you really want
You can get it if you really want
You can get it if you really want
But you must try, try and try
Try and try, you'll succeed at last"

Artist: Trey songz - Successful
"If I'm the only one and don't nobody else believe it
Then keep it a secret and watch me achieve it'
Cause I know what I want now"

Artist: Kanye West - Amazing
"I'm exhausted
Barely breathing
Holding on to what I believe in
No matter what
You'll never take that from me
My reign is as far as your eyes can see"

Artist: Tupac – Smile
"Here's a message to the newborns, waitin' to breathe
If you believe then you can achieve
Just look at me
Against all odds, though life is hard we carry on
Livin' in the projects, broke with no lights on
To all the seeds that follow me protect your essence
Born with less, but you still precious
Just smile for me now"

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