Friday, November 13, 2009

Stop... Your Trying Too Hard!!

# 1 Rick Ross-

Okay honestly. You were a cop and did not want to admit it. So now that you have been exposed as a corrections officer, after months of denying it you expect us to believe anything else you say. Second of all, you seem to glorify selling pounds of cocaine and never come to realize that you could not be dealing that much cocaine without the FBI all over you does anyone remember what happend to the Black Mafia Family (if not look it up).

Your baby mother is in cahoots with 50 cent and exposed your real life in her book so really does anyone believe you? The Real Freeway Ricky Ross has just came home from doing a 20 year jail sentence and guess what he does not know who the fuck you are. Let's put it this way if you have to continuously remind everyone of who you are then, there is a problem.

Third of all nobody listens to your wack ass music filled with tales of drug dealing, immense weed smoking and being with women who would run away from you if they ever met you. This is a classic tale of " Hey it must be the money!!!!!"

# 2 Rihanna-

Is it just me or is this female really annoying. Not only is she trying her hardest to assimilate into American culture, but her voice is the same in every single song. She seems to be really monotone and not to mention very whiny. Ever since Chris Brown introduced her face to his fists and steering wheel of his car, she has been the sob story of the western world. Now don't get me wrong I am against female abuse by men, however this chick is milking it, Has anyone seen her interview on 20/20 about how the abuse incident. Wow!

Rihanna please get this through your head you are not American and should atleast make one Soca song a year to represent for all our Bajans out there. I don't see this happening in her future, due to this being frowned upon by Jay-Z and his secret society cronies. Oh yeah not to mention that her song "Unfaithful" makes me want to kill myself.

# 3 Rocsi & Terrence from 106 & park-

Hey Guys welcome to another episode of 106 & Park. I am your annoying Rat look alike Terrance and this is my underfed, overconfident host Roxie. I can not stand these two for reasons that I will outline for you as we move along.

Terrance- He is a nerd point blank period. He does not strike me as the kind of guy who would stick up for his girlfriend if dudes were to attack her. Second of all, why is he so fucking shiny all the time. I think Vaseline is part of his wardrobe. Aside, from the aforementioned reasons he also seems to wear clothes that do not suit his personality. One day he is wearing dickies with a wave cap trying to be gangster or atleast what he assumes one looks like and the next day he is wearing slim cut jeans, vans, a plaid shirt and nerd glasses. I really do not understand what he is doing, and honestly I don't think he does either. When it comes to Roxy, I honestly think he needs to just man up and ask her out. He is always trying to pick her up on tv, and she just brushes him off like lint on a men's blazer. By the way Terrance I have one word for you bro EAT!!!.


She is so cute in a chihuahua looking female that weighs about 90 pounds wet with an anchor on her back and army gear in her hands. She seriously looks one vomit away from dying and always appear to look dizzy. I used to cringe looking at her body on my television screen with hopes that one day Free would return with her dwarf ass and push Roxie out of the picture. Recently, she finally admitted to being bulimic (Really? ) and now she is seeking treatment. Moreover, she really seemed to have been annoyed with Terrance and his suggestive remarks, however she seems to be tolerant due to her infatuation with gaining back the weight she lost. Roxie I have one word for you EAT!!!


He went from lil bow wow, cute and cudley little boy who would steal your daughters heart at one glance and had the style of Snoop Dogg all within his rhymes and dress code. He then transformed into a teen with his clothes and hair changing claiming that he is old enough to have tattoos and wear gold in his mouth. From that day on he changed. He started to act more gangster than he really was and then it was all Bow Wow from there. First of all, is anyone even listening to Bow Wow anymore? I mean he is like 29 years old now LOL! He reminds me of Marquis Houston or Usher still trying to be relevant when they should go run a business and sit their asses down somewhere outside of the public eye. In my eyes, he has always seemed to be trying to be something he is not and also trying too hard to be noticed all the time. He even went as far as kissing Tyra Banks LOL! That still didn't work huh? Please Bow Wow stop cooperate and listen. SIT YOUR ASS DOWN SOMEWHERE AND STOP RAPPING.

#5 Chris Brown

Mr.Squeaky clean, Mr. I like to smile, Mr. Dance my way in and out of the studio, mall, Church, Bed, Shower etc. He has been crucified as the modern day Ike Turner and wife beater of the year. When Chris Brown was caught for beating Rihanna's big forehanded ass all the wife beaters all over the world silently exhaled and were like "Atleast they are pointing at him now instead of me Wheeewwww!!!". Yup Double Mint boy has been working excessively to get his act together and his reputation back to where it was. Maybe you should of thought about that before you head but, and bitchslapped Rihanna. What a guy? I guess her really meant he wanted to " Take You Down" meaning by force.

#6 Kanye West

Can somebody please put an end to this guy's shenanigans. He dresses like a character on a 80's tv show. He says whatever he feels like to people who are weaker than him. If you notice he has never tried anything to people who are bigger than he is or have street credibility, he usually backs down quickly. I know you all know about his run-ins with photographers, Taylor Swift, 50 Cent and Beanie Segal. However, is this guy really serious... He reminds me of that guy who was a nerd in high school and as soon as they become famous they go on a F-U streak. With all of the crap he does on a regular basis, not to mention throughout his career, he is an ideal candidate for " Mr. Hey Look at Me ".

#7 P. Diddy

This requires no further explanation. This speaks for itself.

#8 Marques Houston

Naked !!!!!! Really Naked!!!!

Ever since he left the group immature he has been trying his hardest to recreate himself. Buddy you were Roger on Sister Sister remember. The annoying neighbour who insistently tried to get with Tia and Tamia. Wow your a loser. I could never watch that show again without laughing at your ass. Now 10 albums and 100 crunches later Marques Houston is trying once again to be sexy and released a video of him butt naked singing. This speaks for itself.

#9 Lady Gaga-

I cant look at this girl or guy or whatever she is without throwing up in my mouth. Have you ever seen her without make-up? Yikes. Although she is new to the pop scene, she never fails to amaze me with her outlandish outfits. From the lamp shades on her head to wearing a pirates outfit with Timboots and a parrot on her shoulder. She is definitely one of a kind. I would not be surprised if she ran across the stage while being lit on fire with a 100 foot blonde weave on her head, this Lady is off the hook. However, she falls short of just one thing. She tries to dawm hard.

#10 LL Cool J-

Seriously though LL Cool J put your shirt on and stop wearing so much foundation. Although I love his earlier music, his bald head is hugggeeeeee! That alone in itself makes me laugh and surprisingly enough keeps him very relevant. When all else fails he just removes his shirt and starts doing pushups.

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