Monday, November 2, 2009

Woman with half shaved heads...


Why are woman shaving their heads at all?

Unless you're going through chemotherapy, cutting off your jheri curls or dreads to start fresh, or are named Grace Jones, you should not be shaving your head, PERIOD!

Like everything else, once one person does it, it gradually starts to trickly down to the masses and the everybodies in our copycat society. Each day I go out or see pictures of peoples nights out, there are more and more half cropped female domes. Not cute.

It doesn't look good and when it has to grow out, it looks worst!

So what's going to happen, instead of looking "awkward" for a few weeks while your hair gradually forgives you for the trauma you've put it through, you'll get impatient and cut it again, likely shorter.

Take my advice ... don't do it!

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