Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1 Plus Two makes Three

Is it wrong for me to want another woman in my relationship? This has been the question of many males for generations.
In many ways this question has been answered by doing various underhanded things or even overhanded things to accomplish this.

I have always been aroused by the thought of having two wives, that's right I said it, meant it and am here to represent it WIVES!
It would be the next best thing to having a black man's penis. First of all, having one woman that you love, trust and grow with on every level is amazing. It saves you so much time and money wasted on dating, updating your material goods and in some cases grooming yourself continuously. I am fortunate enough to have found that special someone who I plan to spend the rest of my life with. However, there is that little fantasy in my mind that is still roaming around my self-conscience asking me
"why not another?"

Now ladies before you go off into a speech about men and how we are unreasonable or then " why can't we have two husbands?" think about this concept for a minute.

1) You will always have a partner to help clean, dress and take care of the kids
2) On nights where you are tired and want to get some rest have the other wife fuck your husband
3) Dinner Sminner you can now both share the responsibilities
4) On Birthdays and Christmas you can now get double the gifts
5) Sex will be that much more pleasurable because you can have somebody to hold your hair while giving felatio
6) You also have an excercise partner when its time to go to the gym
7) You can not only share your husband but share each others clothes (Yeaaaahhhh!!!!)
8) No more worrying about doing your hair you can do eachothers
9) Car pool to work in the morning
10) Thanksgiving dinner just got more interesting

These are just some ideas I have been kicking around in my head and there are many more reasons...

Now for men come on do I really have to write a list for you?

Stay tuned for the reasons why this would benefit for men... The post will be called " Two wives to One Guy for Dummies"

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