Friday, October 23, 2009

Are you a stupid female?

During many conversation with a good friend of mine, we have both came to the realization that there are a lot of stupid females out there who may not be too bright in the mental department. Let me further explain for those of you who may be new and not know what characteristics these dumb females possessl.

First of all these dumb females do the following:

1. Repeatedly ask the same questions over and over again
2. Repeatedly do the same idiotic things and when you confront them they don't know why your upset
3. Are too laid back
4. Are more concerned with issues that will not advance their careers or their personal upliftment
5. Watch ignorant shows and wonder why you think they are ignorant
6. Excessively talk on the phone
7. Are stubborn even though the advice you give them is for their own benefit
8. Are always the one being screwed over in a relationship, and never seem to understand why
9. Say dumb things and then ask you if that was dumb
10. Make you wanna slap them whenever you hear them or even see them
11. Do not know how to drive
12. Have poor money management skills
13. Are followers in every sense of the word
14. Surround themselves with a network of failures, flunkies and dweebs
15. Spend most of their time concerned with what you are doing and not on what they should be doing

Are you a stupid female ? If you are offended by reading this and you feel this is about you chances are you or someone close to you qualifies.

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