Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gossip Guy?

I think the modern man, gossips more than the woman.

Actually no wait, what we men do is not gossiping, it's more shit talking, bragging, boasting and trading war stories.

Woman gossip, questioning what someone at work was wearing, how her date stayed in the corner all night at the party, why would she cut her hair like that, the colour of her nails, the curvature of her eyebrows and on and on and on.

While the men I know are not quite that bad, yet, they do tend to have similar conversations: poking fun at their muscle bound friend who buys XS shirts, questioning the manhood of their friend who lets their girlfriend walk all over them, making fun of the mohawk hair style that one follower friend just had to get, questioning if any friend that has recently started going to the gym is on steroids or discussing peoples relationships starting with "If I were him, I'd...".

Now that I think about it, I wonder if this is in fact a problem of gossip or passing on information or more so one of JEALOUSY.

Actually no I don't wonder, I know that it is. The world or more so the city we live in, its one of people not being happy for you, what you have? are doing? Instead, questioning why you have what you have? or how you got where you are? how you got with that girl? did you really get with that girl? why you have more money than I? why you dress so fly?

I say be happy with who you are, instead of being jealous of someone else, let what you see in them be motivation if you want to attain or achieve the same success or material gains. As you move through life remember that if you think that you'd rather be someone else, realize that if you were to change places with someone, know that you would no longer have your problems TRUE, but you would then have their problems.

This holiday seasons film recommendation: Trading Places (w/ Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd).
While it's a comedy there is a lot to be learned from the events that transpire in the movie.

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