Monday, October 5, 2009

The Six Basic Human Fears

Many humans have deep seeded fears that root from childhood or some other traumatizing event during their lives. There are six basic fears which can plague a person whether they have had a traumatizing experience or not. Knowing and understanding these six basic fears may help a person to conquer their fears and be a happier better adjusted human being.

The first fear that is addressed is the fear of loss of love. This fear is triggered when there is jealousy in a relationship or a number of other occurrences. For instance: finding faults in a loved one, suspicions of cheating or other devious actions, lack of trust, and any sort of insecurity.

It is suggested to conquer this first fear that one must simply build trust within any relationship. Try to control these feelings or not let them enter your mind in the first place. One must have only positive feelings about their loved ones.

Claustrophobia is the next basic fear addressed. It is the fear of enclosed and tight spaces. Many people suffer this fear as it is triggered by certain circumstances when a person finds themselves in a confined space. A space that induces panic in a person afflicted by this fear can be anything from an elevator to a small vehicle.

From behavioral therapy, one may be able to conquer this fear by disassociating their feelings of fear with enclosed spaces. Hypnotherapy has also been suggested for extreme cases.

Next up, is the fear of darkness. This is a fear that millions of people over millennia have experienced. Fear of darkness may cause rapid breathing, an irregular heart rate, sweating, and even nausea. The best cure for this fear is to expose a person with this fear to long spells of darkness. There are also some drugs available for the controlling of this fear if the case is severe.

Demophobia is the next in line of the basic fears. This is the fear of crowds. People who suffer this fear may experience symptoms like dizziness, breathlessness, anxiety, and the general inability to think and speak as well. A person with this fear will be affected whether the crowd they are in is safe or not. A new branch in psychology known as energy therapy is recommended for anyone who suffers this fear.

The fear of criticism is the fifth basic fear. Of course, criticism is a basic tendency of human nature. Justifying one's own behavior is something that is engrained in our species. This fear's symptoms are being timid, shifting eyes, and being afraid of conversation. Honestly, to get over this fear, one must learn to accept criticism. Try to take it positively!

Last, but not least, is the fear of death. This is probably the most natural phenomenon of all these fears. Death is inescapable and strikes fear in most. Fearing death causes our lives to be shorter. Fearing that which we cannot escape causes stress and other adverse health effects. Help from others and self help is the best way to get through this fear if it is severe.

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