Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random TTC Incidents!!!

Hey this morning on my way to work, I was zoning out to the sound of the train quietly passing from station to station. When i snapped out of it, I noticed a female standing next to her boyfriend patiently waiting for her stop. As our ride continued, I looked around the train and did my regular people watching activity that I do every morning to pass the time. As I gazed over in her direction I noticed she was looking directly at me, which caught me off guard.

I took notice of this and discreetly kept on looking around. The second time I looked in that direction I noticed she was looking at me again. Now this was becoming interesting because, I had many conversations with my comrades about how women look at other men, while they are with their significant other ( and there is nothing wrong with looking). As I proceeded to test my theory, I noticed that she kept on looking over at me, although her boyfriend was literally right in front of her.

Now, I thought this was interesting because she was testing my theory and proving me right, that women do eye-hump men similar to us being accused of doing it to them. LOL!

This continued for another minute or so when I heard a shreaking alarm sound that was penetrating through my iPOD headphones and beginning to annoy me immensely. It was the TTC distress alarm that is usually pulled for emergency situations.

When I finally realized that this was not going to be turned off, I looked over at the "mysterious girl" and to my surprise she had fainted about 10 seconds before I looked over at her again. Now this was humorous, because she was hawking me like I was wearing her shirt and now she is knocked out cold on the subway floor. I tried not to laugh, but could not help it.

As my stop arrived, I got off the train and walked past the subway car that she was now laying flat on her back in. She was confused, disoriented and weak. Her boyfriend was now kneeling by her side and consoling her.

Just another story to add to my public transit journal.... TTC never fails to amaze me.

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