Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Future of Cell Phones

Over the last couple years, the cell phone has evolved into
a piece of technology that most individuals can't live without.
As the popularity of the cell phone grows, so will the increase
in the number of people who own them. Here are a list of
8 things (believe it or not), that cell phones will be capable
of doing after the year 2010.

1. The Phone as a wallet
New technology "New Field Communications" can transfer an
ordinary cell phone into a credit or debit card. An NFC chip
will allow you to place your phone close enough to an NFC
reader in order to withdraw funds from your bank or credit

2. Internet in the Pocket
All phone will be manufactured with HTML browsers,
saving users the trouble of using WAP-sites.

3. Positioning
Mobile operators will be able to determine the location
of people in case they call for help using the 911 feature.

4. Mobile Search
Search engines will be a standard application on phones
over the next three years. They will be available from the
main screen of the user interface.

5. TV
By 2011, 70 million phones will support mobile television

6. Improved Usability
Like the IPhone, many phones will be built with position

7. GSM Base Station
Lost your phone at home? No problem. Home based
stations called Femto Cell will allow you to locate your
phoneif you misplace it.

8. Photos
Digital camera modules will be developed in mobile
phones to provide users with better quality pictures.

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