Friday, October 9, 2009

Where's the Turkey?

It's that time again where we all get together with family eat delicious food and get drunk off our asses in the process. Thanksgiving a time of rest, food and partying. I remember being younger, going over to my Aunt's or Uncle's house for an assortment of food, good times and great West Indian Music.

We as kids would play video games, wrestle or play board games to pass the time. We had a great time together laughing and just enjoying one another's company.

Sadly, as we all grew older times have changed and family does not communicate with one another like we used to in the early and late 90's. Everyone is busy dealing with their own lives to give any thought into collaborating once again and enjoying Thankgiving together.

So for all of our readers, please eat, drink and drive responsibly. Call up that family member you have been thinking about for months and let them know that you were thinking about them and miss them. Who know's it could mean a lot to them.


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