Monday, October 5, 2009

What Would You Do?

I was watching an episode of The Game the other night
and was really drawn to the content of this particular
episode. The theme for this episode revolved around the
women of the show retaliating at their husbands and
boyfriends who cheated on them or were suspected of
cheating on them. The actions of these women took the
form of sleeping or dating other men. I know this is just
a show and honestly, it's also becoming common in real
life ocurrences and this worries me because this is what
the new generation is learning. I just want to say, women,
please do not follow by these examples. We're emotional and
vulnerable beings. There will always be another man
who will try to to do one up on the man that you're with
and take advantage. Be aware and smarter than this.
Cheating and scheming is a temporary and easy way out
and if you truly love that person that you're with, it will
never be good enough. I've been hurt before but it's never
crossed my mind to even retaliate in the same form. I never
saw the point, you only end up in a trust broken relationship
with never ending lies and deceit. There are always other ways
to deal with your feelings and although it may seem rough in
the beginning, they will have rewarding, long lasting effects
rather than a quick fix.

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