Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Art of Driving in the Rain

Have you ever noticed that when it rains no one seems to know how to drive? Why is that? This morning I was driving to work and it took me 15 minutes from my destination, when it usually only takes me 7. I could understand pouring rain but it was drizzling and misty. The drivers around me felt it was necessary to drive 30 km/h in a 50 zone and you could see the hesitation backed up onto the main roads as people patiently waited to make left and right turns. Or you have the stupid drivers that like to slam on their brakes at yellow lights or drive in other peoples blind spots. Haven't you ever heard of being "too cautious"? What I seem to notice is that no matter how careful you try to be while it's drizzling outside, someone always seems to get themselves in an accident. So, instead of trying to drive carefully, try driving smart. Here are
a few tips for the road when it's wet outside:

- Break earlier and with less force
- Defog your windows
- Turn on your headlights: it helps other drivers to see you
- Don't use cruise control: your car might accelerate if you hyrdoplane

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