Thursday, October 22, 2009

Men SHOULD have sideburns not women?

Hey how you doing?

Today's post come from the mind of a man who sees things as it is and says it how it is...nothing more, nothing less. Most of these ideas, jokes and concepts come from riding public transportation and passing time by people watching. Now for all of you who do not know what people watching is let me quickly explain this to you. People watching is when you fall back and watch people walk by you and you observe their character by looking at their actions or even their conversation if you are close enough in proximity.

Well this morning during my usual people watching on the subway on my way to work, I noticed something rather disturbing almost annoying if you will. Women with sideburns..... yeah I said it, " I meant it and I am here to represent it". Women with sideburns is not only disgusting but makes me feel less of a man because your side burns are two times the size of mine with depth, color and longevity. All jokes aside really though " Why are your side burns so dawm long and thick" it makes me wonder, are they there for sexual purposes. In the heat of the moment do you yell at your partner " PULL MY SIDEBURNS, BITCH PULL MY SIDEBURNS!!!!"

As I sat there staying into space this ladies sideburns caught my hair, (no literally I turned around to look at someone and her sideburn clipped my eye! Makes me think of Wolverine or Ashanti in her earlier days. Now ladies if you have thick sideburns and are sitting there reading this offended or insecure this is a sign to cut that shit down, wax it, shave it, take a lawn mower to it or just tape it up Fuck I don't care what you do just get rid of it. I suggest if you have long hair just wear your hair down, man do something. Who are you Elvis ?

That is all.

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