Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Remember When ...

  1. you were young and had no responsibilities
  2. having sex or "going all the way" took weeks even months to do

  3. you used to get excited about the first day of school

  4. meeting groups of new girls/guys was a weekly occurence

  5. school was the place to be

  6. the mall was the best hangout

  7. we could care less about a night club or lounge

  8. there was no such thing as Red Bull

  9. we used to talk on the phone for hours

  10. BET first came to Canada

  11. multi-colour jeans (maroon, green, white) were the thing to have

  12. girls used to have self-respect
  13. people's skin was clean and naked (not tattoo covered)
  14. only girls used to wear earrings

  15. guys used to only wear 1 earring in their left ear (right was the "gay" ear)

  16. the number of homosexuals wasn't even with heterosexuals

  17. watching porno was exciting and faux-pas

  18. being unappreciated and underpaid was the best part-time job

  19. you couldn't buy all the things you wanted and dreaming about them was the next best thing

  20. you used to lie to your parents about where you were going or what you were doing
  21. people used the internet for more than just facebook and twitter
  22. everyone wasn't obsessed with knowing everything about each other's lives
  23. life was so simple before all this technology

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